METRORail Texas Medical Center Transit Facility

Houston , TX

Satterfield & Pontikes Construction, Inc.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County selected Satterfield & Pontikes Construction to lead the construction of a new transit facility located at the Texas Medical Center. Considered the “crown jewel” of the light-rail system, this transit facility provides a transfer point for bus patrons to the light-rail system and the Medical Center. Scope of work on this project included: • Two 333-foot-long bus platforms connected to the light-rail station in the center complex. (The platforms comprised the finest architectural concrete work completed by Satterfield & Pontikes’ Concrete Division. Finn-form plywood was used in the forming process and provided an extremely smooth, almost mirror-like finish on the architectural concrete. All architectural concrete used a seven-sack white Portland mix with integral color. Two 22-by-42-inch elevated concrete beams, extending the length of each platform, were placed in single pours with exceptional results.) • Bridge sections that had to be assembled on the ground and lifted into place. (Access to the bridge sections are provided by staircases and four elevators, three of which are glass clad.)