About Us

Beginning in 1998, eight similar construction firms came together from Wisconsin, Indiana, Southern California, Colorado, Texas, Florida, Washington, Pennsylvania and Kansas, founding a National Peer Group with an initial goal of providing an in depth review of each others company operations, the sharing of best practices, and seeking continuous improvement. The early years of this effort achieved outstanding results as the sharing of information among the firms provided real opportunities for measurable process improvement. The evolution of the Peer Group experience was the formation of National Construction Solutions Group™ (NCSG™) which today represents a consortium of national construction firms with combined annual revenues in excess of $1,000,000,000. NCSG™ member firms participate in all construction market segments and offer a collective experience that is unparalleled in the industry. As an active member of NCSG™, each firm has access to similar state-of-the-art project historical cost data, delivery systems, means & methods utilized, preconstruction value and systems analysis, and project personnel that have specific expertise that can be relied on. When coupled with each firm's experience and assigned project staff, we offer this value added unique perspective to the planning and execution of your project to ensure an efficient and cost effective delivery.