John Wayne Airport - Common Use Passenger Processing System (CUPPS)

Santa Ana, CA

Snyder Langston

The Common Use Passenger Processing System [CUPPS] was a key project planned by John Wayne Airport (JWA) under its Airport Improvement Program. The CUPPS project is a centralized computer system, consisting of hardware, software, and network equipment and infrastructure. Virtual thin clients, printers, scanners, and associated equipment will be located at the gates and ticket counter positions and other locations. Self-service kiosks are located in the ticketing lobby and throughout the terminals. Redundant "Head-End" equipment, a collection of servers and associated software, also connect the gates, ticketing and kiosk equipment with each other and the individual airline computer servers to provide duplicative systems in the event of a system failure. Snyder Langston also provided the related operating software for the systems. The CUPPS project also included the removal of existing millwork and installation of new millwork at the gates and ticketing locations, together with related floor and finish repairs and electrical work. Snyder Langston installed new Multi-User Flight Information Display Screens (MUFIDS) throughout the existing terminals, which provides up-to-the-minute information about flight arrivals and departures to replace the existing flight information display screens and millwork. CUPPS will save costs and improve efficiency at JWA. A centralized computer system allows the airlines to interface with their computer systems at any gate or ticketing position in the terminals. CUPPS allows JWA to use the airport space more efficiently by shifting airline gate and ticketing assignments based on the existing needs. It benefits the airlines by allowing their use of common computer system equipment throughout the terminals, rather than installing and maintaining equipment and facilities at fixed locations. The common use equipment also benefits JWA passengers because ticket and boarding processing is expedited through self-service kiosks.