Sister Mary Alice Murphy Center for Hope

Fort Collins, CO

Alliance Construction Solutions

The Sister Mary Alice Murphy Center for Hope is a 10,000 square foot, one-story facility that houses administrative offices. This building will also act as a resource center for families and individuals who are homeless or on the brink of homelessness.  The project was awarded LEED Silver certification.

This building uses 50% less water than a baseline building designed to meet code. Through the use of Dual-Flush toilets and Low-Flow lavatories and urinals the building is able to achieve this exceptionally low water consumption. Landscape water reduction is 57% This reduced consumption results in less money spent on water and less demand on local water infrastructure.

Several techniques were incorporated into the building to produce a highly efficient envelope. LowE glass with East, South and West facing sunshades and increased insulation in the roof and walls decrease the building’s energy consumption for heating in the winter as well as mitigate cooling requirements in the summer.

Air handling units supply the building with 100% outside air to cool the building when ambient temperatures allow. Outside air is mechanically supplied to the large spaces while the perimeter spaces receive natural ventilation through operable windows. This promotes the ability for individualized temperature and comfort control.

Carbon dioxide sensors are utilized to control the amount of ventilation (outside air) being brought into the building. High levels of carbon dioxide in the building can cause discomfort and poor indoor air quality.

Sensors also control the amount of outside air to mix with the fresh air correlating to the actual occupant count and needs of the space, while minimizing the energy required to condition the outside air.