Gateway West Sustainable I / Environmental Systems Inc.

Brookfield, WI

Hunzinger Construction Company

LEED Rating: LEED NC and LEED EB:O+M Platinum From the outset of the project, the team made it a goal to implement “practical sustainable design” within the project and exhaustively reviewed numerous immediate and long term options to effectively integrate within the final design program. Today, this LEED-NC Platinum Certified and ENERGYSTAR rated building champions high efficiency and serves as an educational tool that aligns with the occupant’s mission to reduce the environmental impact of facilities through the application of sustainable technology and services. Understanding that the many goals targeted for this project could not be brought to fruition without early and upfront pre-design and pre-construction planning, the owner, designer, and general contractor worked in concert to establish the project’s program and baseline design and performance criteria. Because the project team members collectively had experience with the USGBC’s LEED rating system, the New Construction Reference Guide served as a starting point and to help strategize design solutions that were practical, optimized efficiency and presented the greatest potential tangible and intangible returns on investment. To say that the project team scrupulously analyzed industry trends and available systems and technologies to arrive at the facility we are describing today is an understatement. Everyone was committed to developing and refining an action plan that addressed and provided a sustainable site and energy modeling that would deliver a facility that maximizes potential efficiencies, incorporates high performance systems and equipment and monitors everything through the use of a state of the art building management system. Furthermore, the project stakeholders mandated that the materials and resources that would be used to construct the space and decorate its surfaces would be selected with immediate and long term sustainability in mind, always considering factors such as recycled content, renewability, low emissions, durability, and the proximity of raw and finished goods to the jobsite. In the end, this facility provides an innovative and pleasant working environment that allows occupants and visitors alike to see how sustainable design and construction efforts can return real and lasting social, fiscal, and environmental benefits. Project