Peloton Cycles

Fort Collins, CO

Alliance Construction Solutions

Alliance Construction Solutions was selected as the Design/Builder for the 14,000 square foot Peloton Cycles mixed-use retail office building. The LEED Gold certified building includes extensive daylighting through an open floor plan, which allows light to penetrate from exterior windows to the interior spaces.  More than 75% of the regularly occupied spaces in this building receive enough daylight to perform daily tasks without additional electric lighting.

The exceptionally low water consumption of the plumbing fixtures in this building achieve over 42% water savings when compared to a baseline building that meets local code. 

Air handling units supply the building with 100% outside air to cool the building when ambient temperatures allow.  All perimeter spaces receive natural ventilation through operable windows. 

White reflective (TPO) membrane, ‘cool’ asphalt shingles, and ‘cool’ metal technology roofing reduce the heat island effect and minimize cooling requirements.