Regency Condominium Association

Milwaukee, WI

Hunzinger Construction Company

The Regency Condominium Association hired Hunzinger Construction Company to manage the installation of major infrastructure upgrades in the 28 story high rise. Improvements included the replacement of all the existing fan coil heating/cooling units in 167 units, replacing 9 sets of both the hot and cold water risers, and replacing and upgrading the fire/smoke detection, intercom system, and emergency lighting system in both the public spaces and the individual units. All of the work was completed in 14 phases, while the building was occupied. Life safety and emergency egress was maintained throughout the project, and fire alarm service was fully operational overnight to protect the residents. Many of the residents elected to replace their branch piping in the kitchens and bathrooms and perform upgrades at the same time. Hunzinger coordinated the demolition and reinstallation or reconstruction of each of these projects concurrent with the remaining infrastructure upgrade project. We also remodeled the public corridors and community room, and installed new finishes throughout the facility. Our advanced estimating and financial management system allowed us to produce individual unit by unit estimates for each of the customized upgrades, and to bill the owners separately from the Association upgrade project.