A place of worship’s architecture and functionality varies deeply upon the variety of one’s religion. Since National Construction Solutions group™ is a collaboration, our group is diversified and familiar with many types of worship center distinctions. Worship facilities today are more advanced acoustically and technologically than ever before. Many facilities have sound and audio visual components akin to performing arts centers, driving the trend toward sound reinforcement systems. While there are two main categories of acoustics, NRC (noise reduction coefficient) and STC (sound transmission class), STC needs to be handled during the construction process to keep costs down. This is done through two different types of treatments. Diffusive treatments which diffuse or spread the sound throughout and absorptive treatments absorb sound. The location of the sound mixing system, projectors, and microphones as well as what types are best suited for the individual facility are all part of the acoustical elements that need to be addressed when building your worship facility. Adding more height and being careful with window placement can add the illusion of spaciousness. Exposed beams add a feeling of warmth and comfort inviting worshipers to come in a sit awhile.