Boulder County Open Space and Transportation Complex

Longmont, CO

Alliance Construction Solutions

Alliance Construction Solutions served as the Design/Build contractor for the Transportation Department of Boulder County on this Open Space and Transportation Complex (OSTC) project located in Longmont, CO. ACS provided pre-construction and site development as well as construction services for the complex which serves as the Maintenance and Parks Department vehicle storage and repair facility. The project was comprised of a 36,000 square foot oversized storage and administrative building; a 34,000 square foot structure serving as a fleet washing, repair and maintenance facility; a 9,000 square foot shop facility operated by the Parks Department; and a 3,000 square foot structure housing a central heating plant for the purpose of producing hot water to be used as a heating resource for the entire complex. Although there is a gas boiler system installed for an alternate heating source, the primary boiler system is fueled by burning recycled wood chips processed from destroyed, damaged and/or cleared trees stored on-site. This project included LEED design and sustainable building alternatives.