P&H Mining Equipment-Parking Lot Reconstruction

Milwaukee, WI

Hunzinger Construction Company

The primary objective of the project was to improve employee safety by creating added parking spaces on the lot adjacent to the P&H Mining Corporate Office and manufacturing facilities. The Owner decided to treat the new parking area as a gateway entrance to the facility, by incorporating new ornamental fencing, new concrete & asphalt paving, new walkways, new storm sewers and bioswale water retention areas, new flagpoles, new lighting, extensive landscape treatments and a 1.1 million pound monument shovel display at the southwest corner of the lot. Phase-1 work included demolition work and cutting the west half of the lot for installation of storm sewer and all underground utilities (electrical, AT&T and Time/Warner). The footings, foundation walls and slabs for the monument shovel were also completed as part of Phase-1 work. Provisions were be made to provide 100 temporary parking spaces during the winter months. The Owner is on track to erect and place the monument shovel display in December 2011. Phase-2 work included cutting the east half of the lot, placement of curbs & gutters, bioswales, asphalt paving, concrete walkways, lighting, ornamental fencing, flagpoles, decorative stone and landscaping.