Grand Geneva Resort and Spa

Lake Geneva, WI

Hunzinger Construction Company

The Grand Geneva, one of Hunzinger's most complex renovation projects, required extensive renovation to virtually every area of the resort. Besides the addition of an indoor pool and a 10,000 square foot ballroom that can accommodate 1,000 people, the project included the renovation of 357 guest rooms, the convention center, the main lodge, ski chalet, fitness center and the golf clubhouse. Construction also included major asbestos abatement, fire protection system updates and additional upgrades to bring the building up to code. Marcus Hotels & Resorts hired Hunzinger as the Construction Manager for this $20 million project. The challenge was to complete the majority of the renovation work by mid-May, just 5-1/2 months after the start of construction, for the resort's first scheduled event. Hunzinger responded to the assignment by breaking down the project into 14 separate projects. For example, the renovation of the 357 guest rooms housed in seven buildings was a single project, while the work done on the stair nodes was another. Dividing the project into logical and manageable chunks helped keep the team focused and on track.