St. Joseph's Outpatient Center

Wauwatosa, WI

Hunzinger Construction Company

After a mere 10 months and one day of construction, Hunzinger proudly announced the completion of the 210,000 square foot, 5 story St. Joseph Outpatient Center and 836-stall, 5-story parking structure. The complex multi-functional interior of the St. Joseph Outpatient Center houses a state-of-the art urgent care center, rehabilitation labs, a pharmacy, laboratories, exam rooms, a pediatric and women’s center, an imaging department, and four operating room suites. Special exterior building features include a cut stone exterior. Led by Hunzinger, the project team of over 700 workers committed approximately 130,000 hours, on multiple shifts, seven days a week to miraculously meet the May 23, 2003 project deadline. Due to property ownership issues, the team had to shorten the original 18-month schedule by 8 months. Throughout the 10-month and one day construction period, the project team overcame the challenge of extreme fast-track construction by employing unique solutions including: utilizing new, cutting-edge technologies and systems; intertwining the design and construction to allow for multiple changes without affecting the original completion date; and developing unique, money-saving and time-saving approaches to site coordination. Hunzinger silenced skeptics as the team began to erect over 1,000 tons of steel just 7 weeks after the project groundbreaking that began with multiple building demolitions. An innovative forming system was utilized by Hunzinger to successfully place over 14,000 yards of concrete in record time. Seven months into the project, and 3 months away from owner occupancy, the entire project site doubled in size and required a complete site redesign, including demolition and abatement of a hotel, the addition of a 12-inch, 1,200-foot water main, and the creation of a 250-space parking lot and new perimeter road. Additionally, from months six through ten of the project, over 62 drawing revisions were requested and fulfilled. The seamless coordination between the project team members, architects, and engineers allowed for design and construction to occur simultaneously without ever affecting the original occupancy date.