Milwaukee World Festival (Summerfest): Millennium Momentum - Phase II

Milwaukee, WI

Hunzinger Construction Company

As soon as the 2002 festival season came to an end, the project team re-mobilized for the completion of the two-year multi-phase Millennium Momentum Plan. During both planning cycles, the Hunzinger project team carefully worked with two design firms (Eppstein Uhen Architects and the Zimmerman Design Group) to ensure that all project design elements were realized and that each project was able to take full advantage of economies of scale in material selection and procurement. A unique feature of Phase 2 activities was the aggressive reuse of excavated spoils materials which had a significant positive impact on project expenditures. We were able to utilize these soils around a number of the buildings included in this Phase as well as work that was done in South Park Plaza. Projects completed in South Park Plaza included raising the grade of the multi-purpose area adjacent to the Marcus Amphitheater, decorative masonry retaining walls, ornamental fencing, concrete curbs and stairways, landscaped promenade, and complete asphalt paving. This project was made possible through savings realized on the combined Phase 1 & 2 projects and provided an opportunity to avoid costly landfill charges by utilizing project spoils to raise the grade of this low end of the site. Phase 2 projects were undertaken over the entire footprint of the site. Hunzinger implemented effective cost control measures throughout the duration of the project avoiding the need to add Supervision or Management staff speaking directly to our knowledge of site conditions throughout and effective Construction Management processes. Site Specific Safety Manuals were developed for each of the two major Phases and all subcontractors were contractually bound to comply with our safety program and on site training was provided to all trades people prior to working on the site. The result was that we experienced an incident free project over the course of the two year period. EBE participation efforts were proactively continued during the second Phase of the project and we achieved the 25% project goal. When looking at participation percentages over the span of both project phases our team exceeded the 25% goal required in the Milwaukee World Festival lease with the City of Milwaukee.