Milwaukee World Festival (Summerfest): Millennium Momentum - Phase I

Milwaukee, WI

Hunzinger Construction Company

Upon completion of the Master Plan efforts which provided a solid foundation for the transformation of the North end of the grounds, the two-year multi-phase Millennium Momentum Plan project execution began in the fall of 2001. Completion of Phase 1 was achieved by May of 2002 in time for the start of the festival season. Significant demolition was required at each project location and was efficiently completed well in advance of all new construction activities taking place. Multiple projects were undertaken during this 9 month period and were accomplished during the winter months with minimal winter conditions expenses. As all projects were undertaken on an abandoned landfill site, Hunzinger’s project team worked closely with Milwaukee World Festival staff and environmental consultants to develop an approved materials management plan to address any spoils from construction that had to be disposed of at a licensed landfill. It should be noted that the team was able to develop approved methods of utilizing spoils at various on site project locations thus minimizing the amount and expense of off site disposal. During the bidding and procurement phase of the project, the Hunzinger team developed a comprehensive EBE participation program to address the requirements of Milwaukee World Festivals lease with the City of Milwaukee and achieved a 32% participation rate against a project goal of 25%. Concurrent with Phase 1 construction activities, the design and construction team continued to plan for the projects that would be undertaken during the following off season of the festival. Many of the elements of the Phase 1 execution were incorporated into the Phase 2 planning which allowed an efficient and cost effective delivery of all projects undertaken.