Louisiana State University Parking Garage and Shell Space

Baton Rouge, LA

Satterfield & Pontikes Construction, Inc.

Satterfield & Pontikes Construction was selected to build Louisiana State University’s first on-campus parking garage, a 750-car, five-floor facility that provides a much needed campus infrastructure upgrade. The new facility also provides retail and office space on the first floor.
Architectural elements of the new parking garage, including brick and stucco, provide an aesthetically pleasing façade that blends with the rest of the campus and does not resemble the look of a typical parking garage.
Project features include:
• Construction of a 294,000 SF parking garage with additional 57,000 SF of retail and office space
• Exterior stucco and architectural precast concrete panels with brick inserts
• Interior gypsum board assemblies
• Acoustical panel ceilings
• Spanish clay tile roof
• Demolition of old buildings on site