Muskego-Norway High School

Muskego , WI

Hunzinger Construction Company

Hunzinger was an active participant in the facility committee meetings prior to the passage of the referendum. We offered our expertise during these meetings that allowed the citizens of Muskego to come up with the best available options in regards to the expansion and renovation of the Muskego-Norway High School. After many meetings and multiple options, the committee overwhelmingly agreed to a plan that it took to the Muskego-Norway School Board for action. After the School Board approved the recommendation of the facility committee, a group of citizens formed a referendum committee whose main purpose was to educate and promote the proposed scope of work for the expansion and renovation to the high school. Hunzinger and EUA assisted the committee in many ways. Hunzinger volunteered to make calls on behalf of the committee, helped distribute yard signs throughout the community, and also built large informational signs at two prominent areas within the community. The signs were unique in nature because they provided small bits of information that Hunzinger would change daily. On the day before the election, the residents of Muskego received an informational flyer that provided great detail about what had been displayed on the signs. On election day, Hunzinger updated the signs with the message of: “Please Vote Today”. On election night, after the referendum passed by an overwhelming margin of 2-1, Hunzinger went back to the signs with one last update reading: “Thank You”. The success of the Muskego High School project can be attributed to the teamwork and planning of all involved. The Muskego-Norway School District, EUA, Hunzinger Construction and a number of subcontractors teamed up to form a group that functioned as one and was able to complete a complex and challenging project. The $36,600,000 project was completed in 22 months, a full 6 months early, with no delay to the academic schedule. There were two major initiatives that greatly improved the project schedule during the early phase of construction. The asphalt parking lots were completed during the summer of 2002. This gave the construction team a larger area for the clean storage of materials and also allowed the project to continue uninterrupted when the inclement weather arrived in fall. The School District also benefitted by the additional parking that was created by virtue of the revised layout of the new parking lots. The majority of the exterior shell of the additions were constructed prior to the inclement weather of the fall of 2002. This allowed construction to continue inside during the fall and winter of 2002. As work progressed thru the fall and winter months of 2002, the momentum of the project started to pick up. The northeast addition was completed and ready for use in November of 2002. Interior work continued in the additions and the renovations of the existing building started on third shift. By the start of the summer of 2003, the existing building renovation was progressing with three shifts of work to meet a completion scheduled for the start of the 2003-2004 school year. By the end of the summer of 2003, the objective was achieved as the three major additions were complete and ready for the start of the 2003-2004 school year. The final portion of the project to be completed was the second floor renovation of the existing school. The second floor renovation was started in the fall of 2003 and completed in February of 2004.