Oakley Corporate Headquarters Manufacturing Facility

Foothill Ranch, CA

Snyder Langston

The Oakley Corporate Headquarters Manufacturing & Distribution Facility is 413,000 s.f. comprising of office, manufacturing, assembly, and distribution, as well as, the Oakley museum, boutique and helistop. Employee amenities include an NBA regulation basketball court, fitness center, full-service cafeteria and 450-seat auditorium with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment. Both roads leading to the entrance of the 40-acre site are dramatic drives framed by retaining walls of sculptured rock out-croppings designed by Philip di Giacomo.

Oakley is a high profile company with extreme sensitivity and emphasis on image. This facility had to embody the philosophy of Oakley -"inventions wrapped in art." Every aspect of the project required a fresh approach; materials, finishes, and fixtures all had to express the design intent and reflect the company identity. The uniqueness of the design demanded extremely precise rigging and hoisting of oversized architectural elements to maintain close erection tolerances, while allowing for differential movement of pieces during earthquakes.