Infonet Headquarters

El Segundo , CA

Snyder Langston

This high profile, three-story, single tenant headquarters facility totals 156,000 s.f. It includes a custom curtain wall system; an emergency generator that provides three (3) days of electrical power backup; and an FM 200 gas compression system that protects the facility in case of fire. The entire building has an 18-inch raised access floor system with complete under-floor HVAC, electrical and data /telephone cabling system, for flexibility and growth. The building also has a full-service kitchen that allows each employee to order from their individual workstations. The complex design-build solutions Snyder Langston provided enabled the Client to save $200,000 on the building's exterior and $50,000 on design costs for the audiovisual room. An additional $90,000 was saved by utilizing an alternate HVAC system. Through strategic planning, approximately $360,000 was saved in contingency planning project-design costs. Furthermore, by suggesting an energy efficient heating and cooling system, the client will save an additional $750,000 in operating costs over a 10-year period, which saves approximately 25% compared to conventional systems.