Johnson Controls, Inc. Corporate World Headquarters

Glendale, WI

Hunzinger Construction Company

Ranking among the Milwaukee area’s largest recent construction projects, the Johnson Controls facility has created a new signature campus that has drawn attention world-wide. Johnson Controls has achieved LEED® Platinum certification and is the first multi-building campus in the world to receive that level. The project shows that energy efficiency can be achieved both with a remodeling project and new construction at the same time. The initial campus expansion project consisted of the complete gut and remodel of the Corporate North and South buildings, the construction of two new buildings, including the Power Solutions Headquarters and Amenities Building, the addition of a four-level parking garage with plug-in ports for electric vehicles, and renovation and construction of JCI’s World Technology Center. This project is an endless example of noteworthy architecture, creative design solutions and the incorporation of unique materials. Some of the most prominent overall features include: the largest solar field in Wisconsin; a separate roof-top mounted photovoltaic system; a large geothermal field, consisting of 272 vertical wells, to heat or cool the buildings on the property; living green roofs to absorb rain and provide insulation that cools in the summer and warms in the winter; a 32,000-gallon cistern buried underground for the collection of rainwater for the campus’ graywater system; a unique parking lot covered in porous pavers that allows rainwater to be absorbed and naturally cleansed; and a multitude of other features. Amenities Building The new 29,700 sf single-story Amenities Building has acquired LEED-NC Platinum certification. The building features a 5,571 sf Fitness Center, 3,650 sf Multi-Purpose Room, 4,875 sf Cafeteria, 702 sf of Storage, 5,948 sf of Kitchen Servery and Support Areas, 3,630 sf of Loading Dock area with 3 doors, and is topped by a 2,060 sf Mechanical Penthouse. The unique features of this building include convertible conference rooms, partitioned by vertical folding doors to allow configuration into several size meeting areas, full video teleconferencing capabilities, passive and active solar design, two outdoor patio seating areas for employees, and a 12,000 sf green roof and electronic leak detection system. Power Solutions HQ (2009) The new 114,599 sf two-story Power Solutions Office Building has acquired LEED-NC Platinum certification. The square footage of the building is divided into 47,334 sf of first floor and 44,503 sf of second floor office space and a 22,762 sf basement, which houses the campus mechanical systems. The structure was designed to accommodate future vertical expansion. The building includes a roof-mounted solar water heater system and a 33,000 gallon underground water collection cistern and filtration system among its green attributes. The cistern will capture rainwater from all new roof surfaces for reuse, thus reducing potable water consumption for new bathroom fixtures by 77%, a savings of 595,000 gallons annually. The 1,330 sf solar water heater system will produce 30% of hot water needs for two new buildings, which equates to 2,837 therms annually. The new building includes a distinctive two-story lobby and secure entry area with reception desk and indoor water feature. Power solutions hq addition (2012) The Power Solutions Expansion Project consists of adding 2 new floors, the 3rd & 4th, to the existing two story building. Each new floor is approximately 42,500 square feet each. A new 6,200 square foot penthouse will be located on top of the new 4th floor. The existing 1st and 2nd floors were occupied through-out the duration of the Project. The addition sits on top of the currently LEED Platinum Certified Bldg, 1 of 4 on the Johnson Controls Campus. Similar sustainable design elements were incorporated into the addition. The demolition and prep work began in the summer of 2011 and the project was completed in the fall 2012. Corporate South Renovation The single-story office building has acquired LEED-NC Platinum certification. The building has 59,785 sf of office area, 4,634 sf of storage space and features a 14,355 sf Photovoltaic Array laminated to the roof. The roof array, combined with a 31,000 sf ground-mounted array, is Wisconsin’s largest. The arrays can produce up to 375 kva and are expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1.1 million lb/yr and NO2 emissions by 2,000 lb/yr. Corporate North Renovation The 68,830 sf single-story office building has acquired LEED-NC Platinum certification. Locally harvested and manufactured materials account for more than 25% of the entire campus project materials, including drywall, concrete, steel and stone. Parking Deck (2009) The 419-stall deck consists of 38,171 sf of Ground Level, 38,845 sf on both Levels 2 and 3, and 34,370 sf of Level 4 parking space. In total the deck will provide 150,231 sf of employee parking. The structure was designed to accommodate future expansion. The unique green features of the deck include hookups for “plug and drive” electric vehicles. The precast concrete Parking Deck and surrounding buildings are nestled within 13 acres of newly planted native prairie vegetation with a diverse mix of native plants to support local wildlife. Natural wetlands were restored, new water features established, and non-native plant species removed. In addition, nearly 3 acres of existing non-permeable parking lot surface was replaced with permeable pavers over a gravel base, allowing rain and snowmelt to be filtered and directed into a detention pond. The change significantly reduced polluted runoff into waterways and the municipal stormwater system. Parking Deck Addition (2011) Accommodating future vertical expansion was part of the original project program and Hunzinger recently added (4) additional levels to the precast structure, effectively doubling the parking capacity. Hunzinger’s team worked diligently with the owner and subcontractors/suppliers on this project where safety, logistics, sequencing, and staging were paramount. The project commenced on June 1st 2011 and was completed in early November 2011. A total of 503 individual precast pieces were erected through the use of a unique 550-ton crane with extensive counter-weight and rigging assemblies that are adjusted and customized for each pick.